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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend Update-

Its time to kick out the strippers and hangers-on and sweep out the detrius of the week long party because the spouse returns from Oregon tonight! Its been a tough visit for her because one of her sisters is quite ill with recurrent cancer and recent strokes. Most of her visit has been at the hospital and it hasn't been a fun trip.

In her absence I've helped Son Kye and his GF get moved out of the rented bedroom they were in and into a real apartment of their own. They are mighty pleased to be getting more privacy from a household of renters and into their own place. The new place is in an old part of a downtown neighborhood, so its quite different from the suburban area they were used to but they both seem to like it. There are eateries and convenience stores and a video rental store all on their block and a coffee shop next door called The Coffee Blog.

Friday afternoon they picked up the keys and I picked up a U-Haul trailer. We were able to move very nearly everything they owned in one trip using their two cars, the truck bed and back seat and the trailer. There were just some cleaning supplies that needed picking up after the cleanup gets completed this weekend.

Of course the electricity wasn't getting turned on until Monday, so unloading and carrying things in was a bit of a challenge... But we got 'er done and the trailer was dropped off the same night so I didn't have to make 2 trips into Salt Lake. Later today I'll be dropping off our spare microwave oven, which they need but won't be able to use until Monday- when the power comes on.

Yesterday I repainted the Suzuki's gas tank... Since I had put the enamel pinstrips on in the wrong order with the lacquer clear coat, I decided it had to be redone. Trying to wipe off the stripes wrecked the color coats too, so I essentially resanded and repainted the entire tank. If I can, between errands today, I'm going to get the white flashes repainted. And I added a white flash to the front fender that I think looks pretty neat.

As soon as I finish this post, I'm headed out. Noah's car is dead in Logan for a bad alternator and he's determined to find a job to pay for getting it replaced. Which is good because I don't see it as my obligation to buy parts for his car. I did fix his 'puter after all. But his and another snowboard are still stranded at Powder Mountain and he needs his laptop for the end of the school term. So I'm taking those things to him. Later I'll drop the microwave off with the other son on my way to the airport to pick up the beautiful spouse.

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